Haymarket Affair Digital Collection

Illinois vs. August Spies et al. trial transcript no. 1
Affidavit of Albert P. Love, 1886 Oct. 1-1886 Oct. 7.

Volume O, 119-123, 5 p.
Love, Albert P.

Affiant Albert P. Love stated he was the same Albert P. Love who signed an Affidavit of September 29, 1886, however, no oath of any kind was administered to the affiant. Further, affiant stated that a number of the statements in the previous affidavit were not true and that he does not know, nor has ever seen Harry L. Gilmer and was not in the city of Chicago on the evening of May 4, 1886. Affiant stated that he made the statements contained in his previous affidavit because he had been promised that he would be paid for his statement. Love received from a Mr. Lewis L. Smith, who was present in the offices of Salomon & Zeisler, a check for the sum of $91.00. Attached is a copy of his previous affidavit which Love states is not true.

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[Image, Volume O, Page 119]

Criminal Court of Cook County.

The People &c.
August Spies et al.

State of Illinois, Cook County. ss

Albert P. Love being duly sworn says he resides in La Grange, Cook County, Illinois, and is the same person who made a statement in writing purporting to be an affidavit in the above entitled cause, in the office of Salomon & Zeisler and purporting to have been sworn to before Charles Werno, a Notary Public, a copy of which statement is hereto attached; that he made said statement on the forenoon of the 29th day of September 1886; that after signing the statement a man came into the office and asked him if the signature to the paper was affiant's, and affiant said yes; where-upon the man said "all right"; but that no oath of any kind was administered to affiant. Affiant further says that a number of the statements in said pretended affidavit are not true; that this affiant has not now any personal acquaintance with Harry L. Gilmer, referred to in said statement, and never has had; so far as he knows he has never seen him; affiant further says that he did not see the said Gilmer on the night of May 4th, 1886; that he, affiant, was not in the city of Chicago on the night of Tuesday, May 4th, 1886 at any time after 6:20 o'clock P. M. of that day, at which time said affiant took the train on the C. B. & Q. Railroad at its station in this city and went directly to his home at La Grange; that on the night of May 4th, 1886 he was not in company with the Orrin S. Blossom mentioned in the said statement, at any saloon at any place

[Image, Volume O, Page 120]

in the city of Chicago, or in his company at any place; that affiant did spend one evening up to the hour of twenty minutes past nine in the month of May 1886 in company with the said Blossom while on a spree, visiting different saloons in the city and according to affiant's best recollection it was the evening of May 5th, 1886; although Blossom believes, as he has informed affiant, that it was the evening of May 1st, 1886; and that affiant has no recollection of having seen Gilmer on that night, or any person answering the description which affiant has received of said Gilmer. Affiant further says that he knows a man named Hunt, but that he has not seen him for five years last past. Affiant says he made said statement because he had been promised he should be paid there for immediately upon its execution, and he believed that after he received such payment, and before it was used in court he could contradict it. Affiant further says that immediately upon his having signed the statement and having acknowledged the signature to be his, as hereinbefore set out, one Lewis L. Smith, who was present in the office of Messrs. Salomon & Zeisler at the time, and with whom he had conversed about the making of such statement prior thereto, was given a check by Mr. Zeisler upon the International Bank of this City for the sum of $91; that there upon the said Smith, this affiant, and one Orrin S. Blossom, who was also present at the time the said statement was made and with whom this affiant had previously conversed in the presence of said Smith, about the making of the same, and who at that time himself made a statement, proceeded to the bank where the check was cashed and this affiant received from said Smith the sum of $30 in money; the said Blossom received the

[Image, Volume O, Page 121]

sum of $30, and Smith retained for himself the sum of $30, the remaining $1 being used in the purchase of Cigars Affiant further says this affidavit is made voluntarily upon his part, without any hope or expectation of reward; and that he has told Capt. William P. Black and Messrs. Salomon & Zeisler, that the statement signed by him in Salomon & Zeisler's office, a copy of which is attached here-to, was not true.

Albert P. Love.

Subscribed and sworn to before me this 30th day of September, 1886.

J. L. Bennett,
(SEAL) Notary Public in and for Cook Co. Ill.

[Image, Volume O, Page 122]

In the Criminal Court of Cook County.

The People etc
Spies, et al.

Murder of Degan, Term No. 1195.

State of Illinois, Cock County. ss.

Albert P. Love, being duly sworn on oath says that he resides at La Grange, Cook Cpounty, Illinois, where he has resided consecutively for the past five years. That he owns his own home in La Grange, which he bought about 11 years ago. That his business is that of a painter. That he is personally acquainted with Harry L. Gilmer, a painter, who was a witness for the prosecution on the trial of the above cause, and has know him personally or by sight for about ten years past. That on the night of Tuesday, May 4th, 1886, affiant was detained in the City of Chicago and did not return to his home until upon a train which left the C. B. & Q. depot or about 9.20 P. M. That about 8 o'clock P. M. he was on the West Side, in company with Orrin S. Blossom, of Chicago, a painter who now lives at 2961 Wentworth Avenue. That shortly after 8 o'clock, as affiant remembers, affiant and said Blossom fell in with said Harry L Gilmer on Halsted street, somewhere between Madison street and Van Buren street. The party got into conversation, and all went to a saloon in the building, northeast corner of Halsted and VanBuren streets, where they all had several glasses of beer, and continued in conversation, the subject of conversation being the then pending eight hour movement, and the prospect of work, etc etc. That Gilmer took part in the conversation along with the affiant and said Blossom and a painter called Phil Hunt, then in Chicago,

[Image, Volume O, Page 123]

but whose present whereabouts are to affiant unknown. That said conversation continued as long as affiant remained there, which was until a little after nine o'clock when left to take the 9.20 train for his home. That up to that time, and at that time, affiant so left as aforesaid, said Gilmer, Hunt and Blossom were still at said saloon and affiant left them there together drinking and talking when he left as aforesaid. That affiant is able to fix the date of this occurrence from the fact that the next morning he read in the papers the account of the Haymarket meeting, so called and of the explosion thereat of the bomb. That affiant has been a resident of Cook County for about 20 years past, having come to Chicago immediately after being mustered out of the United States Service, where affiant was a private soldier in the 29th Regt. Indiana Volunteers, in which he enlisted when said Regiment reinlisted for the Veteran Service. That he never communicated the facts above stated to any person until after the annoucement of the verdict in the above cause, when he was inquired of as to his acquaintance with Gilmer, and gave to the party inquiring the narrative above substantially set forth. That if a new trial should be granted herein he is ready, if required, to appear and testify to the foregoing facts; that he is not and never has been a socialist anarchist or communist, and that he has no acquaintance with or relation of any nature to the defendants herein, or any of them, nor any interest in this cause, save a desire that justice may be done. And further affiant saith not.

Albert P. Love.

Subscribed and sworn to before me this 29th day of Sept. 1886

(SEAL). Charles Werno,
Notary Public.

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