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Welcome to the Haymarket Affair Digital Collection. The Chicago Historical Society has created this digital collection to provide on-line access to its primary source materials relating to the Haymarket Affair, a controversial moment in Chicago's past and a pivotal event in the early history of the American labor movement.


The digital collection presents images of key documents and artifacts in their historical context with a minimum of interpretive information. Much like the witness testimony and exhibits introduced during the Haymarket trial, these primary sources are pieces of evidence which enable the user to reconstruct and interpret the historical events to which they relate.


For an in-depth analysis of the history of the Haymarket Affair, please visit The Dramas of Haymarket, an affiliated, interpretive web site developed by Northwestern University in cooperation with the Chicago Historical Society. The Dramas of Haymarket uses the materials selected from the HADC as well as many items held in other collections of the Chicago Historical Society to examine the Haymarket events and their significance for both contemporaries and later audiences.


All materials ©2000 the Chicago Historical Society. The images and texts featured on the Web site are provided for educational and research uses only. Permission to reproduce these works for other purposes or to republish them in any form must be granted in writing by the Chicago Historical Society. For further information, please visit our fees schedule.

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Thulstrup. The anarchist riot
Thure de Thulstrup.
The anarchist riot in Chicago.

Welcome to The Haymarket Affair Narrative
The Haymarket Affair Narrative
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