Haymarket Affair Digital Collection

Illinois vs. August Spies et al. trial transcript no. 1
Affidavit of Theodore Denker, 1886 Oct. 1-1886 Oct. 7.

Volume O, 118-118, 1 p.
Denker, Theodore E.
Shipping clerk for Henry W. King & Company.

Affiant Theodore E. Denker stated that he never made the statement attributed to him in the Affidavit of Thomas J. Morgan. Denker stated that he knows Morgan and had a conversation with him regarding the Haymarket case, however, because Morgan seemed to be in sympathy with the defendants, Denker withheld any opinion on the case. Furthermore, the affiant stated that he believed the son of Mr. Morgan to be about thirteen years of age.

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[Image, Volume O, Page 118]

State of Illinois, County of Cook.

In the Criminal Court, September Term.

The People
August Spies, et al.

Theodore E. Denker, being duly sworn on oath sas that he was a juror in the above entitled cause, that he is a resident of Woodlawn of this County; that he is the one referred to in the affidavit of Thomas J. Morgan and his son, that he knows Thomas J. Morgan and has for sometime, that one morning soon after the fourth day of May A. D. 1886 he asked said Morgan if a picture in the newspapers representing to be a picture of August Spies, was a good or correct likeness of said Spies, whereupon said Morgan replied that it looked no more like Spies than he (Morgan) did, or words to that effect; that no further remarks were made upon the subject of the picture or the bomb throwing or the Haymarket massacre, as this affiant now remembers. That this affiant at that time believed that said Morgan was in sympathy with said Spies and not desiring to injury his feelings unnecessarily abstained from expressing any opinion whatever, that this affiant never did express the opinion to said Morgan which he has sworn to in his affidavit although this affiant says as he said upon his examination before being accepted as a juror, that he had an opinion and that he had expressed it. This affiant is informed and believes that the son of said Morgan mentioned is about thirteen years of age.

Theo. E. Denker.

Subscribed and sworn to before me this 30th day of September A. D. 1886.

John Stephens,
Clerk Criminal Court Cook County.

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