Haymarket Affair Digital Collection

Illinois vs. August Spies et al. trial transcript no. 1
Testimony of Henry Spies (second appearance), 1886 Aug. 7.

Volume M, 369-371, 3 p.
Spies, Henry.
Cigar-maker; German immigrant.

Direct examination by Mr. Foster. Cross-examination by Mr. Grinnell. Testified on behalf of the Defense, Spies, August et al.

Testified on various topics (page numbers provide a partial guide): medical care and wounds (vol.M 369).

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[Image, Volume M, Page 369]


recalled by the defendants was examined by Mr. Foster and testified as follows:-

Q- You testified day before yeaterday in this case, I believe?

A- Yes.

Q- You testified to receiving a shot and explained the position of the revolver from which you received the shot.

A- Yes sir.

Q- Now, I will ask you to look at this pair of pants and state whether these are the pants which you wore that night?

(Shows witness pants)

A- Yes sir.

Q- Now, you may state what made those holes, this hole here and the one just below in the lower portion of the pants.

A- A pistol shot from a man--- but I could'nt say whether it was an officer or not.

Q- Was that the pistol shot you received while pressing the revolver down as you explained day before yesterday?

A- Yes sir.

Q- At the same time you received your injury?

A- Yes sir.

Q- Were you standing up at that time?

A- I was standing up. I can show you the position.

Q- Show just about the position?

A- The position was this (illustrating) My brother was stand ng--

Q- I will suppose I was holding the revolver like this (Illustrating)

A- The revolver was there and I grabbbed the

[Image, Volume M, Page 370]

revolver and pushed it down like that (Illustrating).

Q- And the shot went down that way?

A- Yes.

Q- And you were just about in that position?

A- Yes.

Q- You say the holes were made by that about.

A- Yes.

Q- There is where the bullet entered and there is where it came out? (Pointing to the holes)

A- Yes sir.

Q- And that is the time you received the injury you have spoken of?

A- Yes sir.

MR. FOSTER We offer these pants in evidence.

Q- I will ask you Mr. Spies if this undershirt is the one you had on that night?


Q- I will ask you to designate a hole ther if any there is, that ws was made by that bullet?

A- There it is (indicating) It has been torn some by washing.

Q- That is the hole made by that pistol shot?

A- Yes sir.

Q- Is there any other hole in this shirt except the one directly in front?

A- No sir.

Q- Was th ere a hole made in your outside shirt also?

A- Yes sir

Q- One hole or more than one?

A- One.

MR. FOSTER: We offer this also in evidence.

Cross examination by
Mr. Grinnell:

Q- Where did you go that night to, be dressed first for your wound?

A- I went to Madison and Clark.

Q- What is the name of the doctor you went to?

A- I wanted

[Image, Volume M, Page 371]

to go to Dr. Reynolds.

Q- Did you go to him?

A- Yes he was not at home.

Q- Where were you dressed first --- where did you go to get dressed

A- Dr. Thilo.

Q- When?

A- That same night.

Q- Whereabouts?

A- On Milwaukee Avenue.

Q- The doctor on the stand here?

A- Yes.

Q- From there you went where?

A- I went home.

Q- Did you go to bed then?

A- Yes sir.

Q- Staid there some days?

A- Yes sir.

Q- And he visited you from time to time?

A- Yes sir.

Q- Did you get a prescription there that night--- did the doctor give you a prescription?

A- He gave me a prescription, yes.

Q- Where did you get it put up?

A- I did'nt get it put up-- it was my brother got it put up for me.

Q- Which brother? Chris?

A- Chris.

Q- Where did he get it put up?

A- I don't know.

Q- Did'nt he get it put up at a drug store on Milwaukee ave.

MR. ZEISLER: He says he don't know.

MR. GRINNELL: (Q) Where did you get that prescription?

A- Dr. Thilo.

Q-, That night?

A- Yes sir.

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