Haymarket Affair Digital Collection

Illinois vs. August Spies et al. trial transcript no. 1
Testimony of E. F. L. Gauss (first appearance), 1886 July 29.

Volume K, 619-627, 9 p.
Gauss, E. F. L.

Direct examination by Mr. Ingham. Testified on behalf of the Prosecution, People of the State of Illinois. People's Exhibit 32 (vol.K 620) introduced into evidence.

Translated the Anarchist of January 1886. Testified on various topics (page numbers provide a partial guide): the Anarchist.

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[Image, Volume K, Page 619]


a witness called and sworn on behalf of the people was examined in chief by Mr. Ingham, and testified as follows:

Q What is your name

[Image, Volume K, Page 620]

A E.F.L.Gauss.

Q You translated that?

A That is my traslation. First of January, 1886. The Anarchist.

Q Did you make the translation of the Anarchist you hold in your hand?

A I did, portions of it.

Q What is the exhibit on the back of it?

A It is an Exhibit of July 23rd, 1886.

Q Look at the paper I now show you, marked "Peoples Exhibit 3, July 23rd 1886". Did you make translation of that paper?

A I did make translations of portions of that paper.

(Translations introduced in evidence on behalf of People, and marked Peopl's Ex. 32, contained in volume of exhibits hereto attached.)

Q Read the translation of the portion which you made?

Defendnats' counsel objected to the reading of the translations generally; and especially in behalf of the other defendants than Engle.

Objection overruled, and exception.

Q Proceed.

A The first page is headed with the motto "Government we hate". The term used may also mean "All rule we hate". The name of the paper is "Anarchist". "All monies for the Anarchist to be sent to G. Behrke, 685 Center Avenue, Chiacgo Illinois. The Anarchist is published monthly at the subscription price of twenty give cents semiannually. Single copies five cents. Organ of the Autonomous

[Image, Volume K, Page 621]

groups of the I.A.A. All communications to be sent to G. Schoeneck, 246 Henry Street, Chicago, Illinois. Volume 1, Chicago, January 1st 1886. Number 1. All complaints for the Anarchist to be sent to G. Engle, 286 Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago Illinois".

"CALL. Working men and fellows: We have recognized it as Our duty to contend against the existing rule with all energy. But he who wants to carry on a successful warfare, must seek to equip himself with all means of warfare which are adapted to annihilate the opponent, whereby victory is secured to him.

"In view there of, we have resolved to publish the Anarchist as an ally in the fight for the just cause of the disinherited. We consider it as one of the first necessities to promote the greatest possible dissemination of anarchical doctrines.

"Inasmuch as we strive for the freedom from rule of all men, we declare ourvelves fully and wholly in favor of the principle of autonomy".

"In this case we strive towards the overthrow of the existing". (Of the existing things. The existing is the term used there). "By all the means recognized by us as good, that a stop may be put at last to the abhorrent war of destruction on the part of mankind, and fratracide may be done away with. The principle of the equality of all men, without distinction of race

See Exhibit 32 in Volume of Exhibits.

[Image, Volume K, Page 622]

"color or nationality, is our inviolable fundimental principle after the introduction of which, there will be no more rule nor servitude. Representing the principles of the International Workingmen's association, the propaganda" (the term propaganda that is used there is improper to be used in German as in English) "of an action seems to us an excellent means of agitaion.

"In opposition thereto we reject all reformatory endeavors as useless play, which adds useless hope and miserable derision to the oppeession and squeezing out of the workingmen which proof the capital furnishes in more than a thousand instances.

"Over against the now and never to be satisfied ferocity of capital, we recomend all the radical means of the present age.

"All endeavors of the working classes, as long as they do not aim at the overthrow of the existing conditions of ownership, and do not put into practice the principle of complete self- government among themselves, are to us reactionary.

"While we reject all dogmas of faith, we declare ourselves as atheists, and friends of investigation". (the original is investigations).

"Ready to give the floor to every one repsesenting sound ideas, we will also provide for the dissemination and discussion of new ideas as much as practicable.

"The idea of the absence of all authority" (the original is simply authority) "warrants that we will always carry on a fight of principles only.

See People's Exhibit 32, contained in Volume of Exhibits.

[Image, Volume K, Page 623]

"That is in brief outlines the positions this paper will occupy.

"Every working man who takes an interest in the liberation of his class should subscribe to our organ, and have a care for its greatest possible disseminations."

The motto on the second page is -- the other aticle on the first page is not translated. It is to be concluded and is not in that issue. The motto on the second page is: For liberty we strive".

On the third page-- I have in conclusion, the concluding sentence of the atticle; "German prospects" commenced on the second page, with the sentence, "Liberty, equality and brotherhood can only be established by Anarchy. F.G."

There is a poem on the third page headed, "News Year Greeting" which I have translated in metre, because it could not otherwise be preserved, and it is a verbal and literal translation, with the exception of two or three questions where it does not affect the original sense, but where I had it filled in for the sake of metre.

"New Years Greeting.
"Like ere so many thousand,
"The old year passed away;
""Bad sound the tune, the eagle
"Menacingly hold sway.
"In bitter tones are grating,
"Complaints upon our ears,
"And misery sways its scepter

See People's Exhibit 32, hereto attached in Vol. of Exhibits.

[Image, Volume K, Page 624]

"More fierce than many a year.

"Ah liberty is banished,
"The nations are oppressed,
"And tyrannys' foul oder
"Pervades the land like pest.
"Gods have become the masters,
"And executioners too;
"But in this earthly heaven,
"Are angles the priests crew.

"This time of heavy burdens,
"Shall it last as of late?
"The misery without ending?
The suffering without hate?
"Arise and break your shackles,
"Away unto the fight.,
"Up rally all the brothers,
"The harvest field is white.

"It grunts and growls and hisses,
Like flash and thunder clap,
"Throughout each master's country,
"Up brothers break your nap.
"Away with misery's image,
"with want and hunger's breath
"Purchase the rights of mankind,
"If needs be---e'en with death.

See People's Exhibit 32 in Volume of Exhibits hereto attached.

[Image, Volume K, Page 625]

"Confined in narrow hovel,
"Think of the workman's wife,
"Bedecked with rags herperson,
"From hunges scarce alive,.
"Ah no kind hand doth offer
"Refreshment to his host;
"Forlorn, aye, and forsaken,
That is the poor man's boast.

"But see the merry living
"In every place gay;
"Theres drinking, feasting. cheering,
And dancing night and day.
"The sacred veil of virtue
"Is torn there in a trice;
"They rob girls of their honor
"Whilst offering sacrifice.

Awake now from your dreaming;
"And in the New Year's bent
"Yourselves and all your powers,
"Ye workingmen present.
"Up girt your loins, your courage,
Like steel make hard and bright,
"And for the dininherited,
"Plunge into the hottest fight.

See People's Exhibit 32 in Volume of Exhibits hereto attached.

[Image, Volume K, Page 626]

"What though the sparks are flying,
"The balls sweep over the palins,
"The roll- call is resounding,
"Tis time now break your chains,.
"No trembling and no wavering,
"with full strenght grasp the hilt,
"And in the year insuing,
"Work at the world's rebuilt".

(The witness here read his translation of the article headed "The right to live".)

(Here insert.)

See People's Ex. 32 hereto attached.

(The witness also read article headed "Reflections of an Anarchist at the grave of Lieske" from the fourth page of the Anarchist).

(Here insert)

See People's Ex. 32 hereto attached.

THE WITNESS: The motto on the fourth page is "Thus we conquer or die".

I have there simply the translations of the announcements of meetings.

(The witness here read the announcements of meetings advertised).

(Here insert)

See People's Ex. 32 hereto attached.

(The witness read list of Anarchistical periodicals).

[Image, Volume K, Page 627]

(Here insert)

See People's Ex 32 hereto attached.

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