Haymarket Affair Digital Collection

Illinois vs. August Spies et al. trial evidence book. People's Exhibit 61.
The Alarm (Newspaper) article, "Knaves or Fools?," 1886 Apr. 24

1 p.
Introduced Vol. K p. 649, 1886 July 30.
Transcript of article.

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April 24th, 1886.


In the contest now going on between labor and capital the pretended leaders and official mouthpieces of trades unions and knights of labor assemblies are attempting to prevent the toiling masses from using the best, most effective and only successful means against the predatory beasts which must be exterminated as public enemies during strikes and boycots, our only weapons against capitalistic conspiracy and organized murder, starvation and wage-slavery. These flunkies and lick-spittles speculate on their chances of securing places at the public crib as influential agitators, or as "foremen" and sweaters" over their fellow workers, or some other sinecure; others are tickled by the praises of the capitalistic press, and, by being quoted as representative reformers in in reviews published by such labor organs as the Chicago Times, Mail, Tribune, Nuisance etc. These enemies of labor manage to, get themselves elected to Trades Assemblies and other representative bodies of organized labor, where they play the role of harmonizers and peacemakers between the despoiled wage-slaves and their despoilers. The toiling masses never gave Mr. Powderly or

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any other man the authority to issue a proclamation against the enforcement of the eight hour law from and after May 1st, not has he been empowered by any plebiscite to forbid strikes or boycots, and to preach the harmony of capital and labor against the gospel of discontent. The Knights of Labor, trade unions and other working people repudiate by their action the foolish talk of such men. The social war has come, and whoever is not with us is against us!

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