Haymarket Affair Digital Collection

Illinois vs. August Spies et al. trial transcript no. 1
Testimony of Michael Kissane, 1886 Aug. 10.

Volume N, 271-272, 2 p.
Kissane, Michael.
Officer, Chicago Police Department.

Direct examination by Mr. Walker. Testified on behalf of the Prosecution, People of the State of Illinois.

Officer at Haymarket. Testified on various topics (page numbers provide a partial guide): weapons in the hands of the police at Haymarket (vol.N 271).

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[Image, Volume N, Page 271]


a witness called and sworn on behalf of the People was examined in chief by Mr. Walker, and testified as follows:

Q What is your name?

A Michael Kissane.

Q Were you at the Haymarket on the night of the 4th of May?

A Yes sir.

Q Where were you?

A The second man of the first company, the front line.

Q Who was your lieutenant?

A Lieut. Steele.

Q Did you have any weapon in your hand, any revolver or anything shining in your hand before the bomb was thrown?

Objected to as not proper rebutting testimony.

The court overruled the objection; to which ruling of the court counsel for defendants then and there excepted.

A No sir.

Q You stood the second man in the front rank?

A Yes sir

Q One man between you and the crowd?

A Yes sir.

Q Of Lieut. Steele's Company?

A Yes sir.

Q Who was on your righ't?

A Officer Krueger.

Mr Walker: he has testified here.

The Witness: Yes.

Q Who was on your left?

A Officer Bock.

[Image, Volume N, Page 272]

MR. BLACK: Q Did you hear Officer Kruger testify?

A No sir.

Q How do you know but he has testified here?

A I heard.

MR. BLACK: What you heard is not competent. I move that the question and answer of this witness be stricken out.

THE COURT: As to whether Officer Kruger testified---that wasn't put as a question although the officer assented to Mr. Walker's statement. What he has stated about officer Kruger testifying is out of the case.

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