Haymarket Affair Digital Collection

Illinois vs. August Spies et al. trial transcript no. 1
Testimony of E. F. L. Gauss (fourth appearance), 1886 Aug. 9.

Volume N, 105-108, 4 p.
Gauss, E . F. L.

Cross-examination by Mr. Ingham. Testified on behalf of the Defense, Spies, August et al.

Translated a letter and postcard from Johann Most to August Spies. Full text of letter included in the testimony. Testified on various topics (page numbers provide a partial guide): Most, Johann (vol.N 105), the North Side Group (vol. N106), Spies, August (vol.N 105), Schwab, Michael (vol.N 107).

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[Image, Volume N, Page 105]


re-called by the people, was examined by Mr. Ingham, and testified as follows:

Q. Have you translated that letter?

A. I did.

Q. Is that translation correct?

A. It is.

THE COURT: You agree from the contents that it is 1884?

MR. BLACK: It is agreed it is 1884, It must have been.

THE COURT: Make it 1884.

THE WITNESS: I took it for "5" originally and showed it to a gentleman in the office and he thought it was 5 also.

THE COURT: The parties agree from the contents it must have been 4.

Mr. Gauss read in evidence the translation of the letter in the words and figures following, to wit:

"Dear Spies: Are you sure that the letter from the Hocking Valley was not written by a detective? In a week I will go to Pittsburgh, and I have an inclination to go also to the Hocking Valley. For the present I send you some printed matter. There the Sch. and "H." also existed

[Image, Volume N, Page 106]

but on paper. I told you this some months ago. On the other hand I am in a condition to furnish "medicine", and the "genuine" article at that. Directions for use are perhaps not needed with these people. Moreover, they were recently published in the "Fr." The appliances I can also send. Now if you consider the address of Buchtell thoroughly reliable I will ship twenty or twenty-five pounds. But how? Is there an express line to the place, or is there another way possible? Paulus the Great seems to delight in hopping around in the swamps of the N. Y. V. Z.like a blown up (bloated) frog. His tirades excite general detestation. He has made himself immensely ridiculous. The main thing is only that the fellow cannot smuggle any more rotten elements into the newspaper company than are already in it. In this regard the caution is important to be on the minute. The organization here is no better nor worse than formerly. Our group has about the strength of the North side group in Chicago; and then besides this, we have also the soc. rev. 6. 1, The Austrian League and the Bohemian League, so to say three more groups. Finally it is easily seen that our influence with the trade organizations is steadily growing. We insert our meetings in the fr. and cannot notice that they are worse attended than at the time when we get through weekly $1.50 and $2 into the mouth of the N. Y. M. V. Z.

[Image, Volume N, Page 107]

Don't forget to put yourself into communication with Drury in reference to the English organ. He will surely work with you much and well. Such a paper is more necessary as to truth. This indeed is getting more miserable and confused from issue to issue, and in general is whistling from the last hole. Enclosed is a fly leaf which recently appeared at Emden., and is perhaps adapted for reprint. Greeting to Schwab, Rau and to you. Your Johann Most. P. S. To Buchtell I will of course write for the present only in general terms.

"A. Spies, No. 107 Fifth Avenue, Chicago, Illinois."

MR. INGHAM: Did you translate the postal card?

A. I did translate this postal card.

Q. Is it correct?

A. It is.

Defendant's counsel objected to is introduction in evidence on the grounds already stated. The Court over-ruled the objection, to which ruling of the Court counsel for defendants then and there excepted.

THE WITNESS: (Reads) The address is "Dear Spies", 107 "Fifth Avenue, Chicago, Illinois."

MR. ZEISLER: You have no right to interpret. It is addressed "L. S."

[Image, Volume N, Page 108]

THE WITNESS: L. S.---that is what it stands for.

THE COURT: If there is any usage in the German language as to the letter L. you may state that usage.

THE WITNESS: There is this usage, that the letter L. and the first letter of the name always stand for Lieber so and so ---Lieber Spies in this connection. (Reads) "I had scarcely mailed my letter yesterday when the telegraph brought news from H. T. H. One does not know whether to rejoice over that or not. The advance is in itself elevating. Sad is the circumstances that it will remain local, and therefore might not have a result. At any rate these people make a better impression than the foolish voters on this and the other side of the Ocean. Greetings and a shake Yours J. M."

Drury I suppose (hope) can now and then receive upon tickets.

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