Haymarket Affair Digital Collection

Illinois vs. August Spies et al. trial transcript no. 1
Testimony of Edward H. Castle, 1886 Aug. 6.

Volume M, 263-266, 4 p.
Castle, Edward H.

Direct examination by Captain Black. Cross-examination by Mr. Ingham. Testified on behalf of the Defense, Spies, August et al.

Testified as to Harry Gilmer's general reputation for truth and veracity. Testified on various topics (page numbers provide a partial guide): Gilmer, Harry (vol.M 263).

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[Image, Volume M, Page 263]


a witness called and sworn on behalf of the defendants, was examined in chief by Mr. Black, and testified as follows:

Q What is your name?

A Edward H. Castel.

Q Where do you reside?

A Reside at 51 Walnut Street, this city.

Q How long have you resided in Cook County?

A Since the first day of May, 1839.

Q In Chicago during that whole time?

A I was in California a year. I was in the army four or five years, and I have made various trips was absent for six months.

Q But you call Chicago your home?

A My home, my family have been here.

[Image, Volume M, Page 264]

Q You are a property owner?

A Well, yes.

Q And a man of family?

A Yes sir.

Q What is your age?

A I was 75 years old yesterday.

Q I will ask you whether or not you have a general and extensive acquaintance in Chicago and Cook County?

A Well, I think I have.

Q You built or were instrumental in building the Chicago & Northwestern Railroad Road, being under contract, as I understand it?

A I don't think I am entitled to that credit, but I have helped it.

Q Are you acquainted with Harry L. Gilmer?

A I believe I am.

Q How long have you known him?

A Some years, but I don't believe I could tell exactly.

Q Did he ever rent from you?

A Yes sir.

Q How long ago was it that he was a tenant of yours?

A Well, perhaps three or four years.

Q You have known him for at least three or four years past?

A Yes sir.

Q Are you acquainted with his general reputation for truth and veracity among his associates or acquaintances, or in the neighborhood where he resides and has resided?

A Yes sir.

Q Is that general reputation good or bad?

A Bad.

[Image, Volume M, Page 265]

Q Would you believe him under oath?

A I could not.

By Mr. Ingham.

Q You owned the house which he rented from you?

A Yes sir.

Q You belonged to the Bourgeoise, and he to the Proletarin, I suppose, or are you familiar with those terms?

A Well, sir, I am not much of a scholar. I don't think I understand the phrase.

Q How long did you know him?

A Well, I don't think I could definitely tell, but I have known of him, seen him, known him perhaps four or five years considerable.

Q How long did he rent from you?

A Some months.

Q How many months?

A I couldn't tell.

Q When was it--what year was it?

A I should judge it to be three or four years ago.

Q Have you seen him since that?

A Yes sir.

Q Did he live in your neighborhood?

A Yes sir.

Q Where did he live after he left your place?

A I didn't trace him up very minutely. I don't believe that I could tell.

Q Do you know where he lived at any time since he left your house?

A I hear of him in different places, but I don't know of my own knowledge where he lives.

Q Where was your house which he rented of you?

A It was on Paulina Street at the corner of the alley.

[Image, Volume M, Page 266]

Q Paulina near what other street?

A Between Park Avenue and Lake Street.

Q That was how long ago?

A My best recollection would be three or four years ago, possibly five.

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