Haymarket Affair Digital Collection

Illinois vs. August Spies et al. trial transcript no. 1.
Testimony of John Garrick, 1886 Aug. 3.

Volume L, 335-340, 6 p.
Garrick, John.
Former Chief Deputy Sheriff for Cook County.

Direct examination by Captain Black. Cross-examination by Mr. Walker. Testified on behalf of the Defense, Spies, August et al.

Testified as to Gilmer's general reputation for truth and veracity. Testified on various topics (page numbers provide a partial guide): Gilmer, Harry (vol.L 335).

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[Image, Volume L, Page 335]


a witness called and sworn on behalf of the defendants, was examined in chief by Mr. Black and testified as follows:

Q What is your name?

A John Garrick.

Q Where do you reside?

A No. 269 Fulton St.

Q How long have you lived in Cook County?

A Thirty-eight years.

Q Where were you born?

A In Copenhagen, Denmark.

Q Have you been naturalized as a citizen of the United States?

A I have.

Q Have you held any office or position in Cook County since you have been here?

A The only public position I held was chief deputy Sheriff throughout the administration of Mr. Kern.

Q You are a property owner?

A I am.

Q A man of family?

A I am.

[Image, Volume L, Page 336]

Q How long have you lived where you now live?

A Since April, 1876.

Q How long did you hold the position of Chief Deputy Clerk?

A Two years.

Q Do you own the property where you live?

A I do.

Q Have you also property which you rent to others?

A I have.

Q Are you acquainted with Harry L. Gilmer?

A Slightly, yes, sir.

Q How long have you known him and when did you first become acquainted with him?

A I became acquainted with him in the summer of 1881.

Q Under what circumstances did you become acquainted with him?

Objected to.

Q What was the nature of the acquaintance?

Objected to.

The Court: You cant give in detail the witness' personal knowledge of the traits of a man.

Mr. Black: (Q) Was he a tenant of yours at any time?

A He was.

Q During 1880?

A 1881.

Q Did you at that time become acquainted with, and have you since had any acquaintance as to his general reputation for truth and veracity among his then or then present neighbors

[Image, Volume L, Page 337]

or acquaintances, or in the community where he resides?

A Yes sir.

Q What is that general reputation, good or bad?

A Very bad, as far as I heard.

Q From that general reputation would you believe him under oath?

A I should hate to---I could not.

Cross Examination by

Q Where did he rent of you, Mr. Garrick?

A In the flat where I am living.

Q At 269 Fulton?

A Yes sir.

Q So that he lived in the same place with you?

A Yes sir.

Q And in the same building?

A Yes sir.

Q How long was he a tenant of yours?

A About a month.

Q Did you have any personal difficulty with him?

A I did not.

Q No personal trouble?

Q Did you have any difficulty there with him as a tenant?

A I believe I can't recollect.

Q You recollect about his general reputation for truth and veracity?

A Only generally.

Q Wasn't that founded on the trouble, and is not it personal?

A No sir, not one particle.

Q Did you have any difficulty with him about the rent?

A No sir.

[Image, Volume L, Page 338]

Q He was there just one month at your place?

A I think so.

Q Is that all you ever knew him?

A No sir, I have known of him since.

Q Do you know of his associates since, personally?

A Well, I have seen them.

Q You have seen him on the street?

A Yes sir.

Q That is all you ever knew of him personally in your own neighborhood, 269 West Fulton, for that month?

A I made my examination.

Q Did you make personal inquiries about this man?

A Yes sir.

Q While he was there?

A Yes sir.

Q That was at the time he was going to take possession of your place as a tenant?

A I didn't know him before.

Q Did you make any inquiries before he was a tenant?

A I suppose--it is five years ago, and I could not give it to you exactly--I suppose I made him give me some, or took his own word--it was a very small tenement that he had.

Q He had a small tenement in your building?

A Yes sir.

Q And he was there a month?

A I think so.

Q Who of his associates did you make inquiries of?

A I cant say--it is simply impossible--I couldn't tell you.

Q Who does he associates with now, that you know of personally?

A I could not tell you.

[Image, Volume L, Page 339]

Q Who has he associates with any time since then that you know of personally?

A I couldn't tell you.

Q Who of his friends and associates do you know yourself?

A I couldn't tell you.

Q Can you name one man?

A I can't.

Q Can you name one while he was an associate of yours?

A I cannot.

Q You knew him thirty days, one month, in your place in 1881?

A In 1881, and since I have known him like a man will naturally know thousands of others.

Q Do you know whether he is a member of the Grand Army Post in this city?

A Not to my knowledge. I have seen him with something hanging on his coat.

Q Do you know whether he has associated with Major Toby, and Richard Tuthill, United States District Attorney at their post as army soldier?

A I never seen him associated with them.

Q Do you know that he associated with anybody?

A I have seen him associate with very questionable characters.

Q In your building?

A In my building.

Q For one month?

A During that time--that is the reason why I got him away.

Q Who were they?

A I told you I didn't know the names of them.

Q Were they men or women?

A Both.

[Image, Volume L, Page 340]

Q And did you know them then?

A That was one of the reasons why I got rid of him as quick as possible. I satisfied myself.

Q Did you know them then, those people?

A By reputation a man generally knows pretty nearly.

Q Did you know those people by name?

A I did not by name.

Q And as individuals?

A I might have known--there was a good many.

Q Do you say you had no difficulty with this man?

A I can't recollect a difficulty, only that I wanted to get rid of him.

Q And you did?

A I did.

Q You never knew with whom he associated with of your own knowledge?

A It is a queer question to say the least. I didn't know the parties by name.

Mr. Walker: That is all.

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