Haymarket Affair Digital Collection

Illinois vs. August Spies et al. trial transcript no. 1.
Testimony of Malvern M. Thompson (second appearance), 1886 July 29.

Volume K, 573-579, 7 p.
Thompson, Malvern M.
Clerk, Marshall Field & Co.

Cross-examination by Mr. Foster. Re-direct examination by Mr. Grinnell. Testified on behalf of the Prosecution, People of the State of Illinois.

Testified on various topics (page numbers provide a partial guide): Greif's Hall (vol.K 576), Schwab, Michael (vol.K 577).

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[Image, Volume K, Page 573]

M. M. Thompson., recalled for further cross- examination, was examined by Mr. Foster and testified as follows;

Q Have you a brother- in -law?

A I have.

Q What is his name?

A Andrew McAnch.

Q Did he own that sotre you were talking about the other day?

Objected to, s immaterial. The courts sustained the objection to which ruling of the court counsel for defendants then and there excepted.

Mr. Foster: This witness said that he owned the store.

I propose now for the purpose of showing that he did not, to first give him permission to take that statement back, and the court says that we can't do that.

Mr GRINELL: It cuts no figure in this case.

Mr FOSTER: If a material witness comes upon the stand and tell that which is not true, we have a right to contradict him.

Mr. GRINELL: If it is pertinent to the issue, yes.

Mr. FOSTER: Were you at this store during the 4th of May and up to and about the time you went to the Haymarket?

[Image, Volume K, Page 574]

A I was there the whole or the morning of the 4th. In the afternoon I went out with Andrew Mcanch to 12th street with three tubs of butter.

Q What time did you get back from the butter?

A I should judge about as near as I can tell about half past four.

Q Where were you from half past four until you went to the Haymarket as you told us the other day?

A I was at the store for about probably half an hour after that. After that I went to my home 185 S. Green street. From that I went to W. M. Hoyt & Co.'s on the corner of Rush street, and southwater or North water, right opposite the Rush street bridge.

Q That took you up to what time in the evening?

A That took me up to about I should say half past five o'clock--I should judge that.

Q What time was it you went to the Haymarket?

A It was after seven o'clock.

Q Then where were you between half past five and seven?

A At the restaurant on Randolph street--I think the name of it is the Central restaurant -- I am not quite sure where I ate supper.

Q And there you remained until you went to the Haymarket?

A I did not.

Q Where did you go?

A I remained there for probably half

[Image, Volume K, Page 575]

an hour or thirty five minutes.

Q Then where did you go?

A After that I think that I went into the Sherman House few minutes, was not in there very long.

Q Then where did you go?

A Then I went over-- I don't know whether I went directly over from the Sherman House or whether I did not-- that I can't say at the present time.

Q Then you went to the Haymarket?

A I did not say that I did. I said that I couldn't exactly remember where I did go to after I left the Sherman House.

Q You don't remember of going anywhere else after you left the Sherman House?

A I don't remember just whether I did or not.

Q So now you have detailed your whereabouts during that day and up to about the time that you went to the Haymarket?

A From about nine o'clock in the morning.

Q Do you know where 54 West Lake street is?

A I do.

Q Where is that place-- what is it called?

A I can't tell you. I know about where it is though.

Q Do you remember the name of the place, of the hall?

A I do not.

Q Do you know where Greiff's hall is.?

A No sir, I can't say that I do, that is not of my own knowledge.

Q Were you ever there?

A I may have been there and may not have been there. I can't tell.

[Image, Volume K, Page 576]

Q I will ask you whether you were in Greiff's hall during the afternoon several times and about Greiff's hall a large portion of the entire day, and particularly in the afternoon.

A No sir

Q Of May 4th?

A No sir.

Q The day of the Haymarket meeting, and before the explosion of the bomb?

A I may have been on West Lake street once that day. After that not any.

Q Were you at Greiff's hall, at Greiff's saloon that day?

A I don't know where Greiff's saloon is by that name.

Q Were you at any saloon at 54 West Lake street that day?

A I don't think I was in a saloon.

Q Where abouts then on Lake street were you, if you were on Lake street that day?

A I was from the bridge up to Desplaines street.

Q Driving?

A No sir.

Q Walking?

A Walking.

Q Which side of the street did you walk?

A The north side of the street.

Q Did you have any conversation with anybody that you now remember on your way up there?

A No sir I did not.

Q Did not stop anywhere, or have a conversation with any body.

A I say I may have stopped, but I did not have a conversation with anybody that I now remember of.

Q You say most positivyly you were not about Greiff's hall?

A I don't say most positively.

[Image, Volume K, Page 577]

Q Do you now say most positively you were not laying about there most of the day and particularly during the afternoon?

A I do say I was not laying around there the most of the afternoon-- Yes sir, I answer that.

Q 54 West Lake street?

A Greiff's hall you asked.

Q You know Mr. Brazelton?

A Yes sir.

Q What is his first name?

A I can't tell you.

Q What is his business?

A He is a reporter for the Inter Ocean.

Q Did you have any conversation with Mr. Brazelton at 54 West Lake street during that day, the 4th of May?

A Not that I know of.

Q You have no recollection of having any talk with him?

A I have no recollection whatever of having any talk with Mr Brazelton at 54 West Lake street, or at any other number on west Lake street that day or any other day.

Q Brazelton is the man who in the evening told you who Mr. Schwab was?

A He pointed out Mr. Schwab to me, Yes sir.

Q Did you know Brazelton before that evening?

A Yes sir, I had saw him, Let me see-- I can't recollect just exactly where it was but I think once before, or probably twice before.

Q At the time you saw him you had this talk, and he pointed out Mr. Schwab-- it was on what street and where?

A It was on the corner of Desplaines and Randolph.

Q Which corner?

A On the South- west corner.

[Image, Volume K, Page 578]

Q Nearset to the station, the corner nearest to the police police station?

A The police station is between Washingto and Randolph.

Q That would be the corner nearset it wouldn't it?

A That is right, Yes sir.

Q You say at that time you had this conversation with Mr. Brazelton, he pointed out Mr. Schwab and he spoke Mr. Schwab's name to you-- said that his name was Schwab?

A He did.


Mr GRINELL: Where were you living - at what number on Green street?


objected to, as not redirect.

THE COURT: Do you mean on that day of the Haymarket?

Mr Grinell: We will find out where he moved, it is in reference to his moving. I want to know why he moved.

Mr FOSTER: I don't suppose that makes any difference.

Mr Grinell: People have been at this man's house, half a dozen men, intimidating him unitl his wife begged of him to move from that locality

Mr. Salomon: That is absolutely false in every respect.

THE COURT: We can't inquire into that unless we can show that some one of these defendants have done something towards the party or some one that they sent.

Mr. BLACK: If your honor please, the statement made by Mr, Grinell in the presence of this jury and this court was so utterly

[Image, Volume K, Page 579]

outrageous, and to his knowledge as a lawyer so utterly improper, so--

THE COURT: (interupting) I don't permit any questioning upon that subject. I strike it out.

Mr. Black: That is not enough.

THE COURT: You can talk to the jury when it comes your time.

Mr. Black: I propose to say that a statement of that kind coming from counsel when he knows it is improper is an outrage--

THE COURT: (interrupting) Sit down Mr. Black. (To the witness) Stand aside.

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