Haymarket Affair Digital Collection

Illinois vs. August Spies et al. trial transcript no. 1.
Testimony of August Heun, 1886 July 28.

Volume K, 362-366, 5 p.
Heun, August.

Direct examination by Mr. Ingham. Cross-examination by Captain Black. Testified on behalf of the Prosecution, People of the State of Illinois.

Set-up the German portion of the "Attention Workmen" circular. Testified on various topics (page numbers provide a partial guide): "Attention Workingmen" flier (vol.K 362), the Arbeiter-Zeitung (vol.K 363), Fischer, Adolph (vol.K 363).

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[Image, Volume K, Page 362]

July 28, 1886 10 o'clock A.M.

Court met pursuant to adjournment.

AUGUST HEUN, a witness called and sworn on behalf of the People was examined in chief by Mr. Ingham and testified as follows:

Q What is your name?

A August Heun.

Q What is your business?

A Printer.

Q Who are you employed by?

A By Wehrer & Klein.

Q Where is their place of business?

A Corner of Market and Randolph.

Q In this city?

A In this city.

Q And county?

A Cook County

Q Were you employed by them on the 4th day of May last?

A Yes, sir.

Q Were you working for them on that day?

A For Wehrer & Klein

Q Look at the circular which I now show you (Showing witness circular headed "Attention, Workmen") Did you set up any portion of that circulsr?

A I set up the German part.

Q Just as it appears there?

A Just as it is here.

Q Tell from whom you got that, the proof or the manuscript?

A Where I got the copy?

Q Yes, sir.

A I get the copy from Mr. Klein.

Q Who is Mr. Klein?

A He is out in the country, in Wisconsin.

Q Who is he and what was his business at that time?

A A Printer.

Q One of the firm for whom you work?

A Wehrer & Klein.

Q Tell what you know about that circular?

[Image, Volume K, Page 363]

A Mr. Fischer came in in the morning of the 4th after seven I don't know what time it was, and ordered these handbills, wrote out the copy.

Q Did you see him writing out the copy?

A He wrote out the copy on our desk.

Q There in your office?

A Yes, sir.

Q Was not that set up and printed just as he wrote it?

A Just as he wrote it, yes, sir.

Q Look at the line at the bottom in German?

A Yes, sir.

Q The line towards which a hand points. Translate that into English.

A That is the same. "Workingmen, arm yourselves and appear in full force."

Q You say Mr. Fischer wrote the whole of that?

A Just the German part, and we translated it.

Q How long have you known Mr. Fischer?

A Well, I don't know exactly--- several years.

Q Where was he employed at that time, if you know?

A At the Arbeiter Zeitung.

Q Was there more than one form of that circular set up?

A It was set up twice, two forms.

Q For what reason?

A So we could get them out quick enough.

Q Is the Fischer you mean one of these defendants?

A That is Mr. Fischer, yes, sir (pointing to Fischer).

[Image, Volume K, Page 364]

By Mr. Black.

Q What o'clock in the morning was it that Fischer came and wrote out the German part of that circulsr?

A I don't know exactly--- it was about a quarter after seven.

Q In the morning of May 4th?

A The morning of May 4th yes, sir.

Q Do you remember what time in the day it was your firm printed the circulsr, or did you do the printing of it?

A No, we set it up.

Q Was the printing done in your establishment?

A Our establishment.

Q Do you know what time the composition was completed and the form given to the pressman?

A I don't know exactly, about ten o'clock.

Q And you set up the form in duplicate, or rather two forms of the same matter?

A Yes sir.

Q In order to expedite the matter of the press work?

A Yes, sir.

Q Do you know personally as to whether any change was subsequently made in reference to that circular by striking out any portion of it?

A Afterwards, about an hour later, the last line was taken out.

Q By an hour ago you mean an hour afterwards?

A Afterwards, yes, sir.

Q Was that about an hour after the form was given to the

[Image, Volume K, Page 365]

pressman or about an hour after Fischer first came in?

THE COURT: Q What time of day was it the last line was taken out, what hour?

A I don't know exactly, about eleven o'clock or so.

MR. BLACK: Q Did you see any circulsrs printed from the form after that one last line was taken out?

A Yes, sir.

Q The last line you refer to is the line you have just translated?

A Yes, sir.

Q "workingmen, arm yourselves and come in full force?"

A Yes, sir.

Q Look at this circular which I now hand you and tell me whether that is a copy of the circular, as it was finally issued, after the last line was taken out that you refer to? (Showing witness circular).

A That is afterwards, yes, sir.

Q Did you have any talk with Mr. Fischer about the time the change was made, and the last line taken out?

A No, sir.

Q You don't remember having any conversation with him?

A No, sir.

Q Do you know how the last line came to be taken out, who ordered it out?

MR. INGHAM:: Of your own knowledge. You cannot testify to what others told you, unless it was some one of the defendants.

THE COURT: If anybody ordered it out, he may tell who.

MR. BLACK: I understand you honor overrules the objection.

THE COURT: No, sir, in that shape, it is not admissible.

[Image, Volume K, Page 366]

The defendants then and there excepted to the ruling of the court.

Mr. BLACK: I would like to have the question read to your honor and desire the court to suggest what is improper about it.

THE COURT: I heard the question.

Mr. BLACK: I don't think your honor caught the import of that question.

(The stenographer here read the question to the court)

THE COURT: That leaves it for the witness to judge as to what is competent means of knowledge. If he heard anybody give directions for the line to be taken out, that is admissible.

Counsel for defendants then and there excepted to the ruling of the court.

Mr. BLACK: Q Did you hear anybody order that last line to be taken out?

A No, sir.

Q You did not hear that?

A No, sir.

Q Did you see it taken out?

A Yes, sir, I see our boss take out the lines.

Q Did any one come to the office that morning and tell you not to distribute any of the circulars that had been printed with the line in "Workingmen come srmed and in full force?"

A I don't know.

Q Personally, you don't know as to that?

A No, sir.

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