Haymarket Affair Digital Collection

Illinois vs. August Spies et al. trial transcript no. 1.
Testimony of William Burgess, 1886 July 23.

Volume J, 286-289, 4 p.
Burgess, William.
Printer for the Arbeiter-Zeitung.

Direct and re-direct examination by Mr. Grinnell. Cross-examination by Mr. Foster. Testified on behalf of the Prosecution, People of the State of Illinois.

Printed The Arbeiter-Zeitung, Die Fackel and The Alarm for August Spies. Testified on various topics (page numbers provide a partial guide): "Revenge" circular (vol.J 288), the Alarm (vol.J 286), Spies, August (vol.J 286).

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[Image, Volume J, Page 286]


called as a witness on behalf of the People, was duly sworn, and testified as follows:


Q What is your name?

A William Burgess.

Q What is your business?

A Printer.

Q Where is your establishment?

A In the Times Building, 88 Fifth Avenue.

Q How long have you been in business in Chicago?

A 30 years.

Q You have been printing for August Spies?

A Yes.

Q What paper?

A The Arbeiter Zeitung, Die Fackel and the Verbote and the Alarm.

Q Prior to the 4th of May were you printing those papers?

A Yes.

Q Did you set up the type, or simply do the printing?

A I did the printing.

Q The type was delivered to you in form from that office?

A Yes.

Q How long have you been doing business in that way for them?

A Five or six years.

Q Are you doing it for them now?

A No, sir.

Q Do you know the circulation of the Arbeiter Zeitung?

[Image, Volume J, Page 287]

How many copies did you print for the daily Arbeiter Zeitung?

A 4500 to 5000.

Q How many of the Die Fackel, which is the Sunday paper?

A Between 3000 and 4000.

Q And the Vorbote?

A That is a weekly paper.

Q And the Alarm?

A That is printed every two weeks.

Q How many copies of that?

A I believe there was 3000.

Q Who paid for the printing of those papers?

A Mr. A. Spies.

Q That is August Spies?

A Yes.

Q Look at the file of papers which I show you from beginning to end?

A They look like papers which were printed in my place.

Q That is The Alarm, is it?

A Yes.

Q When did you commence the printing of The Alarm?

A I think about a year ago.

Q You began about a year ago and have been printing it since until it ceased?

A Yes.

Q You think these are copies of the ones you have printed?

A Yes.

Q Did you do any printing upon an order from the Arbeiter Zeitung office on the 3rd of May?

[Image, Volume J, Page 288]

A I received no order except for their dailies.

Q You may look at that (the Revenge circular) and say whether you printed a circular of that character?

A I could not say whether it was printed in my house or not; it was so reported by my night foreman.

Motion to strike out last sentence of answer allowed.

Q Were all of these papers -- the Arbeiter Zeitung, Die Fackel, Die Vorbote and The Alarm paid for by August Spies?

A Yes.

By Mr. Foster.

Q How did you make out the bills -- to the Social Publishing Society?

A The Arbeiter Zeitung.

Q You made out all of the bills to the Arbeiter Zeitung?

A Yes.

Q You didn't make them out to August Spies?

A No, sir.

Q But he paid you for them and you gave him a receipt, a receipt to the Arbeiter Zeitung?

A Yes.

[Image, Volume J, Page 289]

By Mr. Grinnell.

Q Were bills made out for the printing that you did for these separate things -- the Arbeiter Zeitung, Die Fackel; Die Vorbote and The Alarm?

A Yes.

Q Against whom did the bills run?

A August Spies

Q Checks were received in that way for all these papers signed how?

A Most of the time it was brought in in currency, but when a note came in it was signed

A. Spies.

THE COURT: When the bill was made out, who was charged What was the name on the bill that you charged the bill to?

A The Arbeiter Zeitung.

Mr. GRINNELL: For all of this work?

A Yes.

Q And then the receipts were signed how?

A Now and then I received a check; mostly it was sent in currency.

Q Occasionally I understood you to say a check came in

A Yes.

Q Was that signed the "Socialistic Publishing Society, by A. Spies"?

A No, sir -- "A. Spies".

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