Haymarket Affair Digital Collection

Illinois vs. August Spies et al. trial transcript no. 1.
Testimony of Michael Hahn, 1886 July 20.

Volume I, 445-452, 7 p.
Hahn, Michael.

Direct examination by Mr. Grinnell. Cross-examination by Mr. Salomon. Testified on behalf of the Prosecution, People of the State of Illinois.

Attended the Haymarket meeting and was injured when a nut from the bomb hit him in the backside. Testified on various topics (page numbers provide a partial guide): actions of police during the Haymarket meeting (vol.I 448), movement, position or tenor of the crowd (vol.I 449), medical care and wounds (vol.I 446).

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[Image, Volume I, Page 445]

Tuesday, 2 P:M. July 20th, 1886.


a witness for the people, being duly sworn, was examined in chief by Mr. Grinnell, and testified as follows:

Q What is your name?

A Michael Hahn.

Q Where do you live?

A 157 Eagle street.

Q How long have you lived there?

A I lived there next Thanksgiving one year; about seven or eight months.

Q You are a tailor?

A Tailor, yes.

Q Where is your shop; where do you work?

A I work in Halsted Street now.

Q Were you at the Haymarket Square on the night of May 4th?

A Yes sir.

Q Where were you standing when the bomb went off?

A I was standing near to the northwest corner.

Q Of what?

A Des Plaines and Randolph.

Q Did you receive an injury?

A Yes sir.

Q Where?

A One in the back and one in the leg.

[Image, Volume I, Page 446]

Q One in the back, in your seat, where you sit down?

A Yes sir.

Q And one in the leg?

A Yes sir.

Q Did you go to the Hospital that night?

A Yes sir the same night.

Q Do you know Dr. Newman?

A Yes, I guess I know him if I see him.

Q Did he remove from your person that night anything that you had received in the Haymarket Riot?

A Yes sir, that is what he said. He showed it to me.

Q He showed it to you when he took it out?

A Yes sir.

Q Had a surgical operation, did you?

A Yes sir.

Q And took it out?

A Yes sir.

Q What was it?

A I guess some kind of a nut.

Q Look at that nut (handing witness an ordinary iron threaded nut)

A Yes; I guess that is about the size.

Q That is about the size is it? That is about the thing?

A Yes sir.

Q That was taken out of your seat was it, the seat of your person?

A Yes sir.

Q When did you leave the Hospital?

A I left the Hospital three weeks after.

[Image, Volume I, Page 447]

Q After your being taken there when was it removed?

A It was removed right away.

Q And that, you think, is the nut that looks like it at least?

A Yes, I think it is the same.

MR. GRINNELL: We will show that it is the same, later.

By Mr. Salomon.

Q For whom are you working now?

A I am working on Halsted.

Q What is the man's name and where?

A I do not know his name. It is on the corner of Halsted and Eagle Streets.

Q You work there in a tailor shop?

A Yes--not working all the time; doing some work---ain't much going on.

THE COURT: Did you hear the bomb burst?

A No sir, I did not hear it.

MR GRINNELL: What happe-ned to you when you got this? (indicating)

A I fell down and that is all I know about it, and I went off and went away.

Q You went home?

A Yes, I went.

Q And then you were----

A Some friend of mine took me to the street car and to the hospital.

Q And then to the Hospital?

[Image, Volume I, Page 448]

A Yes sir.

THE COURT: Did you see the Police?

A The bullet ain't out yet, I guess.

MR. GRINNELL: Where was the police when you received this?

A The police was about ten feet.

Q Well, they were in the street, were they?

A Yes.

Q They had already come down?

A Yes.

MR. SALOMON: Did you see the bomb fall?

A No sir.

MR. GRINNELL: Did you hear the noise?

A I did not hear it. I heard pistol shooting; I don't know what it was.


A I heard them little shots.

Q You heard the little shots?

A Yes sir.

Q Was anyone else standing near at the corner?

A O, there was not on the corner. There was lots of folks there.

Q Who else was there---anybody, with you at that time?

A Not anybody that I know.

Q Were there any other people there that you do not know--- people who you were not acquainted with?

A O, yes.

Q Standing with you there at the corner?

[Image, Volume I, Page 449]

A No sir, nobody at all. I was by myself.

Q Well, around you?

A No sir; I don't know anybody.

Q Were there people standing there at the corner, other people besides yourself?

A O, yes; there was lots of people.

Q About how many?

A I don't know that.

Q Fifty or a hundred?

A O, I don't think so much.

Q Is there a lamp post at that corner?

A Corner of Randolph.

Q Where you stood. You said you was on the northwest corner of Randolph and Des Plaines?

A Not quite at the corner. A little below.

Q Is it where that stove store is?

A Yes.

Q Well, were you standing more on Randolph Street or more on Des Plaines Street?

A I stand more on Randolph Street.

Q More on Randolph?

A Yes.

Q Immediately in front of the store on the corner that fronts towards the market?

A I wasn't on the front. I was further back in the street, into Des Plaines Street.

[Image, Volume I, Page 450]

Q You stood on the street? Then you stood there and the police passed by you did they?

A No. I stood just right on the side, and they stayed a little behind.

Q Well, did you stand on the street?

A Yes sir.

Q Which is part of Randolph?

A I stand on the street near to the gutter.

Q On Randolph or Des Plaines?

A On Des Plaines.

Q And right near Randolph?

A Near Randolph, yes.

Q Did you stand there---there is a little stoop passing on to the sidewalk?

A Yes in about that.

Q There is a little hill there, is there, passing from the street onto the sidewalk?

A That is a box standing there.

Q Some boards?

A Yes, right there in that box standing.

Q Is there a fire plug at that corner? You know what a fire plug is, don't you?

A Water works?

Q Where they brought water from?

A I don't know about that.

Q You did not notice that?

A No sir.

[Image, Volume I, Page 451]

Q Towards what direction were you looking at the time you received this injury?

A I looked at northeast. About to the office where he was speaking.

Q Were there any number of policemen in front of you?

A No sir, there was nothing on the front. There was a little just behind, about three feet, I guess---four feet, something.

Q Now, at the time that you received this injury in what direction were you looking?

A I looked on the northeast.

Q You looked towards the northeast?

A Yes.

Q Towards where the wagon stood?

A Yes, I looked at the office.

Q Now, just point or designate where you received this (indicating the nut); in what part of your body, this nut, which has been shown you, entered.

THE COURT: Stand up and put your hand on the place.

MR. SALOMON: Stand up and show where it went.

A (Indicating) On the left part.

Q And that is while you were facing towards the wagon?

A Struck me on the right and came in on the left

Q Now, were you injured in any other part of your body, in front?

A No sir.

Q Your breast or the front of your legs?

A Not at all.

[Image, Volume I, Page 452]

Q Or your shins?

A No sir.

Q No portion of that?

A No.

Q Do you know who inflicted that injury on you?

A No sir; I do not know who done it.

THE COURT: That is not a question to ask.

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