Haymarket Affair Digital Collection

Illinois vs. August Spies et al. trial transcript no. 1.
Testimony of L. F. Shane, 1886 July 20.

Volume I, 422-426, 5 p.
Shane, L. F.
Police officer, Chicago Police Department.

Direct examination by Mr. Grinnell. Cross-examination by Mr. Foster. Testified on behalf of the Prosecution, People of the State of Illinois.

Present at McCormick Reaper Works Riot. Testified as to the number of civilians killed and/or wounded by the police. Testified on various topics (page numbers provide a partial guide): McCormick Reaper Works strike, meeting or riot (vol.I 422).

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[Image, Volume I, Page 422]


a witness for the people, having been duly sworn and examined in chief by Mr. Grinnell, testified as follows:

Q What is your name?

A L.F.Shane.

Q You are a police officer?

A Yes sir.

Q At Hinman Street station?

A Yes sir.

Q Were you police officer last May?

A Yes sir.

Q Were you at the McCormick riot?

A Yes sir.

Q What time were you there? Up to what time were you there in the afternoon? You went away to the station and came back again, what time?

A I was there from about 9 o'clock in the forenoon, until I should judge, about 3 o'clock.

Q You went away before McCormick's bell rung at half past three?

A Yes, I went to telephone to the station and my Lieutenant told me that I should come to the station.

Q Well, did you go?

A I did.

Q Did you come back to McCormick's?

A I did.

[Image, Volume I, Page 423]

Q How did you get back there?

A I was sent back along with my Lieutenants---we were telephoned that there was a riot there?

Q What time did you get back?

A About half past three.

Q Did you come back on the patrol wagon that Enright was on, or another?

A No sir. We went up there, twenty of us in the company going up

Q So you marched up?

A Yes sir.

Q How far is it from Hinman Street station?

A Well, it is about six--about five blocks--Five or six blocks-- five blocks about.

Q When you got up there, where was Enright's company?

A Enright was opposite the gate, scattered about there?

Q Well after the thing was all over with, how many dead and wounded did you pick up?

A Well, I went hunting about two weeks--the reports come in that there was--

Q Right there then, first, and then we will come down as to your hunting. Now, did you find any wounded there then?

A We did not find only one.

Q Where was he sent to?

A He was sent to the hospital; we found two, rather.

Q Two?

A Yes sir.

[Image, Volume I, Page 424]

Q One was sent to the hospital and the other was taken home?

A Yes sir.

Q And how many were killed there?

A Only one, sir. One died by the effects.

Q Some hours or days after?

A Yes sir; the next day by an operation performed by Dr. Hobbs.

Q Now, so far as you know, that is all that was wounded and died?

A Yes sir. That is all that there was there.

Q You searched, did you?

A I searched for two weeks; I was sent there on that business.

Q You searched that entire neighborhood and country all over, down there?

A Yes sir.

Q To enquire about the wounded and killed at McCormick's riot?

A Yes sir.

Q The 3rd day of May?

A Yes sir.

Q The result of your investigation besides your observation on that day was that one died?

A Yes sir.

Q From the effects of wounds, and that two or three others were injured?

A Yes sir.

Q You got your instructions from your Lieutenant?

A Yes sir.

Q Through my office?

A Yes sir.

[Image, Volume I, Page 425]

MR. BLACK--That is immaterial.

MR SALOMON-- We move to strike out the part that came from the State's Attorney's office. Of course, he does not know anything about that.

THE COURT---Well, strike it out.

MR. GRINNELL--Oh, about the shooting down there--so far as you know what shooting was there done?

A Well, as we advanced up to help our brother officers, we staid in front--kept them behind. Several of them shooting at the officers front of us. They being wild did not see this company coming up in the rear of them. I saw one man myself shooting at my partner officer, and our Lieutenant stopped him and we arrested him, and as we arrested him he throwed up the gun; and throwed the gun away from him; one of my partner officers picked up the gun, which that was not only one but there were several.

Q You mean by gun, pistol, pistol, I suppose?

A Yes sir.

Q Didn't carry Winchesters down there? That was when you were coming down?

A When we went up for the crowd.

Q You were marching, were you?

A Yes sir. We marched right across the corner of the prairie and over where the crowd was.

Defendants' counsel moved to exclude the testimony of this witness. Motion overruled. Exception by defendants.

[Image, Volume I, Page 426]


Q You say you were detailed to look for the wounded afterwards?

A Yes sir.

Q Did you start up the same day?

A Well, I guess it was about a week or ten days afterwards, somewheres.

A Ten days afterwards?

A A week or something like that---a few days afterwards. I could not just now tell what day it was.

Q You do not know anything about how many then had been wounded then that you did not find or how many concealed the fact for fear that they would be arrested.

----You do not know anything about that, do you?

A Well, I do not, for---

Q I say, you do not know anything about that?

A No, I do not know anything about it.

Q You are on the detective force, are you?

A Well, no---

Q I see you do not have brass buttons on?

A I am just around in this building.

Q A little louder---I cannot hear you.

A Yes.

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