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Illinois vs. August Spies et al. trial evidence book. People's Exhibit 121.
Arbeiter-Zeitung (Newspaper) article, "Thieves in League," 1885 Apr. 29

2 p.
Introduced into evidence during testimony of E. F. L. Gauss (Vol. K p. 721-732), 1886 July 31.
Transcript of translation of article.

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Wednesday, April 29, 1885.

From an editorial article headed "Thieves in League" being a report of the demonstration on part of the I. A. A. on the evening of the opening of the new Board of Trade at which Fielden, Parsons and Fehling had spoken. "Now, the march formed headed by a company of the Bohemian groups, the metal workers, the north side groups, and the Lehr und Wehr Verein. These fellows would do all credit to the guard Grenadier regiment remarked a German on Madison street, pointing to the advance guard of the procession. Next followed three female comrades who carried two red flags and one black one. Mrs. Schwab, Miss Schnaubelt and Mrs. Wawritschka. Then followed the procession which could not be kept in good order which is to be regretted. Behind these marched a strong company of well armed comrades of the various groups. Let us remark here that with perhaps few exceptions they were all well armed, and that also the nitro-glycerine pills were not missing. They were prepared for a probable attack and if it had come to a collision there would have been pieces. The cordons of the police could have been quite excellently adapted for experiments with explosives! About twenty detectives were loitering about the Market Square at the beginning and then disappeared. That explains the keeping back of our otherwise impertiment order-scoundrels. The procession which

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was a few blocks long, although the participants marched in close order, moved down Madison street to Clark, and from there south to Jackson, where about one hundred policemen had blockaded the street. X X X The procession which was about one hundred paces distant from the brightly lighted palace, sang the Marseillaise, with the accompaniment of the Orchestram and marched on LaSalle street, then down LaSalle street to Van Buren Street and up Clark Street. About five hundred policemen were stationed around the Board of Trade. They suffered everything. Ye miserable hounds; Ye are the smaller thieves and therefore must protect the greater ones. Servile executioners! "Gang of murderers," and other beautiful flatteries, the bandits accepted as quietly as if it did not concern them at all. Here and there some were pushed back, but not a one moved. After a few jeers had been given to the thieves and cut-throats, the procession returned to Fifth Avenue where Parsons, Spies and Fielden spoke from a window of the Arbeiter Zeitung, etc."

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