Haymarket Affair Digital Collection

Illinois vs. August Spies et al. trial evidence book. People's Exhibit 85.
Arbeiter-Zeitung (Newspaper) article, "Letter signed R. B.," 1886 Jan. 22

2 p.
Introduced into evidence during testimony of Eugene Seeger (Vol. K p. 701-720), 1886 July 31.
Transcript of translation of article.

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People's Exhibit. 85.

January 22nd. 1886. Fourth page.


Chicago, January 21st, 1886.

Dear Mr. Editor:-Taking advantage of your permission to publish views of the eight hour movement in your valuable columns, I beg leave to give the following as my views. I am neither a member of the Arbeiter Association nor the Social Arbeiter Pathei, or any other working man's association but I think I can take it for granted that all working men organized or unorganized, work for the same end, namely the liberation of the working classes to-day under the deggredation and slavery under which it suffers.

The eight hour question is not, or at least should not be, the final end of the present organization, but in comparison to the present state of things, a progress not to be underrated. But, now let us consider the question in itself, How is the eight day to be brought about. Why, the thinking, working man must see himself, under the present power of capital in comparsion to labor, it is impossible to inforce the eight hour day in all branches of business otherwise than armed force. With empty hands the working man will hardly be able to cope with the representatives of the club in case after the first of May of this year, there should be a general strike. Then the bosses will simply

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employ other men, so called "scabs", such will always be found.

The whole movement then would be nothing but filling the places with new men, but if the working men are prepared to eventually stop the working of the factories to defend himself with the aid of dynamite and bombs against the militia, which will of course be employed; then and only then you can expect a thorough success of the eight hour movement.

Therefore, working men, I call upon you, arm yourselves.

R. B.

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