Haymarket Affair Digital Collection

Illinois vs. August Spies et al. trial evidence book. People's Exhibit 32.
Anarchist (Newspaper) article, "Call! Workingmen and Fellows!!," "For Equality We Fight," "The Right to Live," "The Beginnings of a Reaction in America," "Reflections of an Anarchist at the Grave of Leiske," and meeting notices, 1886 Jan. 1

10 p.
Introduced into evidence during testimony of E. F. L. Gauss (Vol. K p. 619-627), 1886 July 29.
Transcript of translation of article.

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[Image, People's Exhibit 32, Page 1]

People's Exhibit 32

(First page)


(All rule Government) we hate


All moneys for the Anarchists to be sent to G. Behrke 585 Centre Ave Chicago Ill.

The "Anarchist" is published monthly at the subscription Price of 25 cts. semi-annually single copies 5 cts

Organ of the Autonomous Groups of the I. A. A.

All communications to be sent to G. Schoeneck 246 Henry St Chicago Ills.

Vol. i. Chicago, January 1st, 1886 No. 1.

All complaints for the Anarchist to be sent to G. Engel, 286 Milwaukee Ave. Chicago, Ills.

[Image, People's Exhibit 32, Page 2]



We have recognized it as our duty to contend against the existing rule with all energy. But he who wants to carry on a successful warfare must seek to equip himself with all means of warfare which are adapted to annihilate the opponent whereby victory is secured to him.

In (view considerartion) thereof we have resolved to publish the "Anarchist" as an ally in the fight for the just cause of all the disinherited.

We consider it as one of the first necessities to promote the greatest possible dissemination of the anarchical doctrines.

Inasmuch as we strive for the freedom from rule of all men we declare ourselves fully and wholly in favor of the principle of autonomy.

In this sense we strive toward the overthrow of the existing order of things all the means recognized by us as good (for the purpose) that a stop may be put at last to the abhorrent war of destruction on the part of mankind and fratricide may be done away with (set aside).

The principle of the equality of all men without distinction of race color, nationality is our inviolable fundamental principle. After the introduction of which there will be no more rule nor servitude. Representing the principles

[Image, People's Exhibit 32, Page 3]

of the "International Workingmen's Association" the "Propaganda" of action seems to us an excellent means of agitation. (Note. Propaganda for propagation is no more proper in German than in English."

In oposition thereto we reject all reformatory endeavors as useless play which adds useless hope and miserable derision to the oppression and squeezing one of the workingmen which proof the capital furnishes in more than a thousand instances.

Over against the now and never to be satisfied ferocity of the capital we recommend all the radical means of the present age.

All endeavors of the working classes, as long as they do not aim at the overthrow of the existing conditions of ownership and do not put into practice the principle of complete self-government among themselves, are to us reactionary.

While we reject all dogmas of faith (creeds) we declare ourselves atheists and friends of investigation(s).

Ready to give the floor (word) to every one, representing sound ideas we will also provide for the dissemination and discussion of new ideas as much as practicable.

The idea of the absence of (all) authority warrants

[Image, People's Exhibit 32, Page 4]

that we will always carry on a fight of principles only that is in brief outlines the position this paper will occupy.

Every workingman who takes an interest in the liberation of his class should subscribe to our organ and have a care for its greatest possible dissemination.

)Motto 2nd page) For liberty we strive,

(3rd page - Conclusion of "German Prospects") Liberty, Equality and Brotherhood can only be (founded) established by Anarchy.

(Signed) F--g.

(3rdpage No. 1)



[Image, People's Exhibit 32, Page 5]

(3rd Page No. 1.)

For Equality we fight
New Year's Greeting

Like ere so many thousand
The old year passed away;
Bad sounds the tune, the eagle
Menacingly holds sway.
In bitter tones are grating
Complaints upon our ear
And misery sways its scepter
More fierce than many a year

Ah! liberty is banished
The nations are oppressed;
And tyranny's foul odor
Pervades the land like pest.
Gods have become the masters
And executioners too,
But in this earthly heaven
Are angels the priest's crew.

This time of heavy burdens
Shall it last of late?
The misery without ending?
The suffering without hate?
Arise and break your shackles!
Away unto the fight!
Up rally all ye brothers
The harvest field is white!

It grunts and growls and hisses
Like flash and thunder clap.
Throughout each Master's country
Up Brothers! Break your nap
Away with misery's image!
With want and hunger's breath!
Purchase the rights of mankind
Of needs be - 'een with death!

Confined in a narrow hovel
Think of the workman's wife,
Bedecked with rags her person
From hunger scarce alive.
Ah! no kind hand doth offer
Refreshment to this host;
Forlorn - aye - and forsaken -
That is the poor man's boast.

But see the merry living
In every palace gay;
There's drinking, feasting, cheering
And dancing night and day;
The sacred veil of virtue
Is torn there in a trice;
They robe girls of their honor
Whilst offering sacrifice.

Awake now from your dreaming
And in the New Year's bent
Yourselves and all your powers
Ye workingmen present;
Up, girt your loins, your courage
Like steel make hard and bright
And for the disinherited
Plunge in the hottest fight.

What though the sparks are flying
The balls sweep 'oer the plains
The parole is resounding;
'Tis time now break your chains;
No trembling and no wav'ring
With full strength and grasp the hilt
And in the year ensuing,
Work as the world's rebuilt

[Image, People's Exhibit 32, Page 6]

(Page 3rd No 1.)

The Right to Live

No one can deny that man brings the right to live with him into the world. Chartered by his birth, fitted out with a human face, it is indisputable that he not only has the right but the duty to live. But both is denied him by the property-beast. He therefore, who is so fortunate as to gain possession of the means of power, will always brandish the whip over those from whom society withholds these means. What in deed does life offer to the poor ones, who, after they have outgrown the shoes of childhood, are compelled in this or that occupation to carry on a daily struggle, the struggle for existence? Even every day are the working men who after serving their apprenticeship go out into the world in search of their fortune disappointed in their expectations and hopes. The "Patent" combined with the Capital, machines and other means of preservation (?) denies their work. In consequence of the excessive offer of working-power they are therefore placed in a position where they have no claim upon life. But all this was only possible through the inequality of men. It is therefore our duty as workingmen to enter the ranks of those who want to put aside the present system of inequality and build up the system of equality and freedom, if we have learned to know our condition and know, that all reforms and endeavors of the apostles of harmony cannot help any (more) longer. All that is left - ours is the fight employing all means.

[Image, People's Exhibit 32, Page 7]

Up therefore! Let everyone join the International Workingmen's Association. Let everyone arm himself with the best weapons of modern times!

(Page 3. No 1)

Beginning of a Reaction in America

For a long time have the lords and lawgivers of America declined to institute the prosecution of the Anarchists in accordance with the desire of the European mamelukes of rule (ruler mamelukes). This was done however not out of hatred for the despots and angels of destruction of liberty, but out of fear that the American people might thereby be driven the quicker into the camp of the Anarchists. But since the Anarchists are constantly increasing in numbers, it is intended to do away with them by slow degrees.

To this end a bill was introduced in Congress which refuses the privilege of citizenship of the United States, and gives the power to the ruling element to revoke citizenship already granted.

Now do proceed slowly! The Anarchists forego anyway a privilege of that kind on paper, because they deny the State, and for the rest consider themselves Cosmopolitans.

[Image, People's Exhibit 32, Page 8]

We are in hopes that soon more foolish things will be done, which in any case are calculated (at any rate) to forcibly open the eyes of the American Workingmen.

{Page 4. No 1} (From)

Reflections of an Anarchist at the grave of Leiske

After he has become a journeyman he feels himself free, he takes breath, his chest expands, he casts a glance into the world - it is glorious, beautiful, he thinks to himself; should there be happiness for you nowhere? He goes abroad to try his luck passes perhaps many a grief heedlessly by - there he suddenly pauses - what might that have been? A terrible outcry falls upon his ear, the outcry of a people tormented to the utmost.

It goes through his bone and marrow. He asks himself; what is it that makes the people so miserable; that drives men to despair? Should indeed the pariahs of the society of today too have a right to life? Yes, he answers himself, the people have a right to life. Why had we otherwise been born, if we are suffered to die with hunger afterwards, and why does the majority of the people suffer hunger? Well, because they are poor, and why are they poor? Because ye other men, ye so called rich, have stolen from the workingmen what you

[Image, People's Exhibit 32, Page 9]

call your riches and wherewith ye boast to excess. Therefore then the great mass of the people is poor.

Our friend, having arrived at this insight, swears to help in the work of liberation, in the great struggle of mankind for a better condition (Literally; position).

He resolves to take revenge upon those who are guilty of the misery of the people, and in addition trample upon them. In these his endeavors he also gains knowledge of the utter baseness and villainy of the police-power, and one of the worst of the aforesaid despicable scoundrels is killed off. Our fellow is picked up on the highway without money, which in our day is in itself a crime, and he is accused of having murdered Rumpf, to end by butchering him entirely after he had been made to suffer for nearly a year the most devilish tortures. With what contempt he met his executioners is known to our fellows, as well as with what heroism he went into his death.

Therefore honor to his memory. But that is not sufficient ye friends of the workingman's cause. His blood shall be avenged upon the tyrants of this earth, who hve made this beautiful paradise of earth a

[Image, People's Exhibit 32, Page 10]

vale of sorrow for nine tenths of mankind. Therefore we too, swear at the fresh grave of our dear comrade Lieske to take revenge for him for all suffering humanity.


(Motto on 4th Page)

Thus we conquer or Die

Meetings (Advertised)

The Group South-west Side No. 3 holds its regular meetings at 611 Throop St. every Saturday evening at 8 o'clock.

The Group Northwest Side holds its agitation and business meetings every Thursday, 636 Milwaukee Ave.

The "Lehr und Wehr Verein" 3rd Company holds its regular practice in the use of arms every Tuesday evening in the Workingmen's Hall, West 12th St.

The "School of Discussion" of the Anarchists receives lessons every Monday Evening at 8 o'clock 713 W. 20th St.

Anarchistical Periodicals (Advertised)

"Freiheit" John Muller 167 Williams St. New York
"The Alarm". 107 5th Ave. Chicago.
"Parole". 112 1/2 S. 7th St. St Louis.
"Bundoncuost". 396 W. 18th St. Chicago.
"Anarchist" 585 Centre Ave. Chicago.
"Arbeiter Zeitung" "Fackel" "Vorbote" 107 5th Ave Chicago.
"Proletar" 550 16th St. New York.

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