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George Engel letter to Governor Richard Oglesby, 1887 Nov. 9.
Engel, George, 1839-1887.
1 item (6 p.); 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 in.
(CHS ICHi 31368)

Manuscript letter, signed by George Engel, to Illinois Governor Richard Oglesby, protests against the petition for commutation of his sentence of death to a sentence of imprisonment on the ground that he has violated no laws.

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A Letter to Gov. Oglesby.

Dear Sir: - I, George Engel, citizen of the United States and of Chicago, and condemned to death, learn that thousands of citizens petition you, as the highest executive officer of the state of Illinois, to commute my sentence from death to imprisonment.

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I protest emphatically against this on the following grounds: I am not aware of having violated any laws of this country. In my firm belief in the constitution which the founders of this republic bequeathed to this people and which remains unaltered, I have exercised the right of free speech, free press,

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free thought and free assemblage as guaranteed by the constitution and have criticized the existing condition of society and succored my fellow citizens with my advise, which I regard as the right of every honest citizen. The experiences which I have had in this country during the

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fifteen years that I have lived here concerning the ballot and the administration of our public functionaries who have become totally corrupt, have eradicated my belief in the existence of equal rights of poor and rich and the action of the public officers, police and militia have

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produced the firm belief in me that these conditions cannot last long. In accordance with this experience I have taught and advised. This I have done in good faith in the rights which are guaranteed by the constitution, and, not being conscious of any guilt, the

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powers that be may murder me, but they cannot legally punish me. I protest against a commutation of my sentence and demand either liberty or death. I renounce any kind of mercy.


George Engel.

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