Haymarket Affair Digital Collection

Principals in the Haymarket Riot: Chicago, 1886.
Morand, Paul J.
1 photographic print: b&w; 7 x 9 in.
Gift of Dr. Joseph L. Baer (CHS ICHi 03678).

Photograph of a painting with caption below title: [left to right, top line] Geo. Ingram, Attorney; Julius S. Grinnell, State's Attorney; Judge Jos. E. Gary; Capt. Wm. P. Black, Attorney; Wm. A. Porter, Attorney; [middle line] Capt. Wm. Buckley; Capt. A.W. Hathaway; Capt. Michael Schaack; Fredrick Eberhold, Chief of Police; John Bonfield, Inspector of Police; Capt. Simon O'Donnell; Capt. Wm. Ward; [bottom line] Alb't R. Parsons; Aug. Spies; Louis Lingg; Sam'l Fielden; Adolph Fischer; Mich'l Schwab; Geo. Engel; Oscar W. Neebe.

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Morand, photo of painting