How to Navigate

The Dramas of Haymarket is composed of a Prologue, five Acts, and an Epilogue. These proceed in chronological order. Each Act contains collections of images and related texts, and some Acts contain special features, such as video clips, audio clips, and virtual reality segments.

Act pages look like this. They contain a heading that describes the contents of the Act, a menu on the left of the Act's different Sections, and a scrollable text on the right. Clicking on the Main Contents link at the top of a page will bring you to the Main Contents page. Clicking on one of the Section links on the left will bring you to a Section page. Clicking on the Dramas of Haymarket title will bring you back to the Introduction.

Section pages look like this. Each Act contains four or five Sections, and each Section contains from 4 to 12 images. Clicking on an image will bring you to an Entry page. Navigation buttons on the bottom of the screen will take you to other Sections in that Act or back to the main Act page. Links back to the Introduction and Main Contents pages are at the top of every page.

Entry pages look like this. Each Entry page contains an image or group of images, reference information, a scrollable text that describes and discusses the Entry, and navigation buttons. Often you can click on an Entry image to see it in larger form, or you can select the main image on display by clicking on one of a few smaller images. Some pages also feature rollovers that enable you to view selected details better by putting your cursor over that detail in the main image. Make sure to read the text for instructions on how to view each page. The navigation buttons at the bottom right of the page take you from item to item within a Section, back to the Section contents page, or back to the Act page. Links back to the Introduction and Main Contents are at the top of every page.