Click on the succession of small images to see in larger form the cover pages of four booklets that reveal the continuing international interest in the Haymarket martyrs.

The first booklet was produced by the Pioneer Aid and Support Association in 1927, and the others are a representative selection from England, Germany, and Italy, respectively. Relatively literal translations of the German and Italian titles, respectively, are "The Victims and Martyrs of the Judicial Murder in Chicago" and "The Chicago Martyrs: Historic Episode in the Beginnings [or "Dawn"] of the Present Revolutionary Movement."

The Pioneer Aid and Support Association pamphlet was published in the fortieth anniversary year of the executions. Like the Veterans of the Haymarket Riot anniversary program, it includes a history of the key events, though from the defendants' vantage point. It announces that the organization still holds annual memorial rites, pledging that it "will look after the maintenance of the monument in Waldheim until the workers cast off their chains and put an end to human exploitation."