Click on each of these images to see it in larger form. The first two are the front and back of the Haymarket Centennial poster. The third is a detail from the front of the poster containing Mayor Harold Washington's Haymarket Centennial proclamation.

As the Haymarket Centennial poster reveals, by this time Chicago officially defined Haymarket as a landmark event in "the history and culture of working people." A letter from author Meridel Le Seuer, prominently displayed on the front of the poster, ties Haymarket to a myriad of class struggles in the United States and around the world. The official proclamation from Mayor Harold Washington declares May 1986 "Labor History Month in Chicago." The back of the poster provides a continuation of the schedule of events that begins on the front. These events were all devoted to the causes of labor and social equality.

The Haymarket Centennial Committee, which coordinated these events, defined itself as a Chicago-based group consisting of more than fifty artists, academics, and leaders of community, labor, and religious organizations, all working with the cooperation and support of the Illinois Arts Council, the Chicago Office of Fine Arts, and the Crossroads Fund.

There was a police centennial commemoration in the form of a "Law and Order Parade," but, like many prolabor Haymarket observations in recent years, its specific connection to the events of 1886 was attached to a broader issue. The parade honored the 394 Chicago policemen who died in the line of duty over the years, not just those killed by the bombing and in the riot that followed. The marchers were to be dressed in police uniforms from earlier periods, and this was declared to be the last time these uniforms would be worn in public before being entrusted to the Fraternal Order of Police for preservation. And even this modest demonstration was postponed one day, a member of the parade committee explained, so as not to conflict with other Haymarket centennial observances, in which the cause of labor was the central theme.