The speeches by the eight defendants in court appeared in a few different forms, and, as these title pages reveal, at least two different languages. (The word "and" is missing in the main heading in the title page of the edition on the left.) The various versions of this book were likely the most popular publications produced by the anarchists.

The speeches are a combination of autobiography, political philosophy, anarchist polemic, and response to the criminal charges. They reveal the personalities of each of the defendants as expressed in his own words, from the taciturn Lingg's brief outburst of defiance to the loquacious Parsons's eight-hour disquisition on the state of social justice.

For more on the content of these speeches, including the texts of those given by Schwab, Fischer, and Engel, see the Essay and the "From the Archive" section in Act III. The texts of all of the speeches are available in the Haymarket Affair Digital Collection.