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This website includes several unique documents relating to the case loaned by the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County Archives. Included here are the two sides of one of several "Forthwith Capias" orders signed by the sheriff (Seth Hanchett) indicating that he has officially executed a judicial "Capias" (from the Latin, "that you take").

This order commands (click on the middle image) the sheriff to take and hold a defendant (more specifically, the defendant's body) so that the defendant can be brought into court to answer charges. The Forthwith Capias order here, dated May 27, pertains to the charge of murder against Louis Lingg. Note that it includes the price for the sheriff's services.

Handwritten to the right of the fold on the outside of the document are the names of four of Captain Michael Schaack's most trusted officers. (The spellings of these names vary in different sources.) These officers are Jacob Loewenstein, Michael Whalen, John Stift, and James O'Donnell.

Loewenstein helped Herman Schuettler in the arrest of Lingg (see the "A Desperate Struggle" entry in the "Guardians of the Peace" section of this Act), and the two of them, along with Whalen, Stift, and others, searched Lingg's home on Sedgwick Street. It may be that they were the ones entrusted to execute the writ because of their prior experience with Lingg, considered the most dangerous of the defendants, and because of their closeness to Schaack, who took such a strong personal interest in prosecuting the accused.

The last image is linked to an illustration from Schaack's book that includes portraits of Schuettler, Whalen, Stift, and Loewenstein, as well as two other officers involved in the investigation.