Thomas Nast once again demonstrates his brilliance as a political cartoonist with this drawing, which filled an entire page of the first issue of Harper's Weekly that appeared after the verdict.

Nast restricts the view of the allegorical female figure used by other artists to her powerful hands. The left grasps a sword labeled "U.S." while the right crushes the squirming defendants between its fingers. On the third finger of the left hand, suggesting a wedding band, is a ring labeled "UNION," the political collective that these tiny terrorists presumed to destroy, but which will now snuff out their pathetic lives. Nast thus stunningly represents the republic's might and majesty and the puniness of her would-be enemies.

This drawing shared the iconography not only of many other cartoons on the subject, but also of the Statue of Liberty, which had recently arrived from France and was dedicated in New York harbor a month later.