This is the handsomest of all the Haymarket composites, with excellent individual portraits effectively arrayed in dynamic symmetry. The Inter-Ocean, which doubtless hoped that this would help sell newspapers, enlisted police Captain Michael Schaack in certifying the authenticity of all the images.

In the lower left-hand corner, Schaack's signature appears below the statement, "I have examined all the pictures on this sheet, and hereby testify that they are all correct photographs of the person named." The Inter-Ocean gave Schaack star billing in the dramas of Haymarket, placing his photograph right in the center.

Above Schaack is a large portrait of Gary, flanked on the left by the prosecuting attorneys and on the right by the defense team. The six men pictured below Schaack and at his elbows are his most trusted detectives: Herman Schuettler, Michael Whalen, John Stift, Charles Rehm, and Jacob Loewenstein. On the right and left are the twelve jurors. Beneath them on the right is Inspector John Bonfield, and on the opposite side is Bonfield's brother James, also a member of the police force. The eight defendants are relegated to the bottom.