This is another visual expression of the many public calls for the forces of authority to subdue and silence the anarchists. The Pictorial West was a monthly illustrated magazine published in Chicago. In this drawing a female figure representing the social and political order needs only one hand to wrestle the mangy agitator to the earth, as clouds of witness (or maybe smoke from a bomb) hover in the background.

In the female figure's right hand is the sword of "JUSTICE," which she is about to bring to bear on the cowering form of the agitator. He meanwhile has dropped a trumpet, labeled "ANARCHIST PRESS," through which he will no longer sound the call that incites others to deadly deeds.

Below the drawing, titled "An Illustrated Fable," is a brief narrative reinforcing the point made in court that those who preach violence are as guilty as those who commit it. It reads:

"A trumpeter, bravely leading on the soldiers, was captured by the enemy. He cried out to his captor: 'Pray spare me, and do not take my life without cause or without injury. I have not slain a single man of your troup. I have no arms, and carry nothing but this one brass trumpet.' 'That is the very reason for which you should be put to death,' he said, 'for while you do not fight, your loud trumpet stirs up all the other soldiers to battle.'

Just in case the point is still not clear, the caption ends with the quotation from Aesop, "He who incites strife is as guilty as they who strive."