Another of the several composite images of actors in the Haymarket drama is this drawing of the eight dead policemen. Circling the helmeted Timothy Sullivan, whose death two years later was attributed to the bullet wound he received in the Haymarket, are bare-headed portraits of 1) John J. Barrett, 26, who died on May 6; 2) Michael Sheehan, 29, May 9; 3) Timothy Flavin, 27, May 8; 5) Thomas Redden, 50, May 16; 6) Matthias J. Degan, 34, May 4; 7) Nels Hansen, 50, June 14; and 8) George Muller, 28, May 6. The spellings of these policemen's names vary somewhat in different sources.

The anarchists were actually charged only with the death of Degan, who, according to Flinn, tried to return to the station on his own, but collapsed and died almost immediately. The authorities may have limited the charge to Degan because he was the first victim of the bomb or because he was unquestionably killed by a bomb fragment that severed an artery in his thigh, not by bullets that might have come from the revolvers of his fellow officers. Degan was a widower with a son; two of the others were bachelors, one was only recently married, and the remaining four policemen left behind a total of eleven children.