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What is sometimes referred to as Haymarket Square is the two blocks where Randolph Street widens from 90 to 150 feet between Desplaines and Halsted (in some instances spelled Halstead) Streets. There was once an actual market building in the middle of Randolph just west of Desplaines, but this was gone by the time of the Haymarket meeting. The makeshift speakers' stand, which was an express wagon, was located on Desplaines Street a little less than half a block north of Randolph.

Given the gravity of what occurred here, perhaps the most striking thing about this area today is how nondescript it is. The nearby buildings are serviceable but mainly drab, and they are interspersed with parking lots. The neighborhood is currently in the midst of a major revival, however, including a number of trendy restaurants and upscale residential conversions of factory and loft buildings, as well as new construction.